What a way to impress and thank the guests.

Choose MC Ice Cream for your wedding day. It will be a big hit with the guests.

  • Wedding ribbon and bow dressed ice cream
  • Photographic Options (Bride and Groom inside/outside ice cream van)
  • Bride and Groom can pull their own whippy ice cream.
  • Fully uniformed staff


Why not have an ice cream van turn up at your birthday party to impress all your friends.

  • Play music chimes.
  • Birthday child gets a card from us.
  • Birthday person can help serve friends and pull their first ice cream.
  • Halloween parties

School Events

  • Sports days
  • Fun days
  • Good Ofsted report
  • Or just a treat

A price can be agreed with the school so we can turn up and serve the children and teachers ice cream or lollies.

Corporate events

  • Work place
  • Corporate days
  • Team building days
  • Day or night events

We can come to your work place to give you a treat to cool you down. OR get the boss to treat you all.